NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

When The Penny Drops

Hammer down the columns of history
Rip down the flags of this once proud country.
Disconnect talk of hope and replaced it with fear
Disperse our communities we once held so dear.

Say goodbye to pet shops, family days out
Christmas gatherings, for upon is a drought,
Wherein only the weeds shall prosper
Whilst the rest of us shall foster

Others fears then wither into slim stems
And our bright strong leaves shall bend
And curl, dry and die. We shall not walk
Upon white cliff tops nor shall we talk

About life in quaint little tea shops
Relaxing whilst watching swaying tree tops.
We shall sell our souls to insane reality
Which has polluted everything on t.v.

Pierce the bucket snap the spade
Our sandcastles have already been made
They crumble before our very eyes
But we are blinded by their clever lies.

Hammer down the columns of history
Erect devilish temples draped in in bloody
Sheets. Rip down the flag, burn the shops
I hope your prepared when the penny drops.

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Comments (2)

I'm good at catching pennies and I never stand over grates Vincent! That was a good tip and this was a great reminder to us all, to live it now and all the other tripe ignore. Nice work, an odd typo, two 'in's'. Smiling at you, Tai
nice verses, stern yet romantic.