When The Rabbit Howls

Like a rabbit she lays howling,
crying out in pain,
her small heart can not bear to live,
with her degrading shame.

She howls very quietly,
so they will never hear,
the pain that they've inflicted,
all through her tender years.
She can't let them see her cry,
they must never know she's weak.
yet she is just a little girl,
so helpless and so meak.

Everynight of her young life,
in silence she endures,
the torture that she suffers,
in the darkness of her world.

Her innocent mind tries to reason,
'Is this what love is about.
but deep within, she knows the truth,
for her there is no doubt.

Why do they do this to me,
do I honestly deserve, to be at the merce
of their straying hands,
yet she utters not a word.

The pain is so extreme,
it is engraved within her mind;
to last long after they are done,
frozen forever in time.

'Please make them stop'
she pleads with silent force,
yet they carry out their acts,
as they did the night before.

When at last they are finished,
she feels so dirty and fowl.
for all that's left is an abused, little
girl, when the Rabbit begins to howl.

by Ruth warren

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