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When The Rain Begins To Fall
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When The Rain Begins To Fall

When the clouds begin to form
And the rain begins to fall
Listen closely, you may just feel it's call
That is why when the floods begin to pour
Or tears begins to drop
You won't find find me in a dry, dreary, shop

Listen closely, you may just hear it's plead
If you can hear it, please answer the need
When the water comes down by the liter
I don't take cover in a movie theater
Oh no, when the rain begins to fall
I'll go out
Dance, Jump, and Scream about
I'll swirl and twirl all around
So fast, i just can't possibly frown

You may think its strange,
The way I love the rain
But you see, that's how the rain is to me
It's a time to change,
And a time to be free

Before the rain comes,
It's to hot for the flowers to shine
To humid for the birds to tweet a lullby
To dry for the bees to collect their sweet pollen
To perfect for the mosquitos not to feast
On the fresh, sweaty meat

Just when it seems
That this blistering heat will never fade
Rain comes rushing to your aid
It drowns out the sorrows of yesterday

But look around, what do you see?
Because all around me,
The flowers are shining
The birds are lullabying
And the mosquitoes - thank god- are running

So i'm sorry if when the rain comes
I can't help but jump and yell
'Hip Hip Hooray'
Because when the rain comes
To me its a promise of a brand new day

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Comments (3)

I especially enjoyed this poem. Rain makes me happy and this expresses what I want to do but do not do! Also, I can see you joyous in the rain. With age comes wisdom, not just knowledge. Thank you.
This is a cute poem, that states that being true to yourself never goes out of style. It's entusiastic and makes me want to go outside and jump in the rain puddles. Great message, thanks, keep on writing
I just love this poem! I could read it over and over. I love the rain, so I this poem summed up that kindred thrill in my soul. I enjoy poems that I can watch in my mind's eye, and When The Rain Begins To Fall then I'm joining in as I read. I like the mention of the flowers, birds, bees and mosquitoes! I have no doubt at all that rain is something that can be something to rejoice in.