Ultimately Paranoid

I wanted to rely on my aunts
If at all I lose my parents.
I weaned away.

I depended on brothers and sisters,
Who should have come to my rescue.
I weaned away.

I bent on my in-laws,
Who I thought would bail me out.
I weaned away.

I was blind on many upper kin
To seek for their help, while with sins.
I weaned away.

I bet on my own offspring,
On whom I could recline, on senescence.
I weaned away.

I landed in asylum,
Where I am not alone but lonely.
I wean not anymore.

I grew paranoid,
Repenting the guilt and lamenting the wastes
To ever wean away.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Very good when the sun comes after rain 😀
For my mothers funeral. she had Dementia aged 96 . WHEN THE SUN COMES AFTER RAIN
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