When The Sun Comes Out (From 'Meet The Moments')

When the sun comes out
There will be so much about
Happiness everywhere around
And into long distances found
Rain shall be there no more
Only the waves from ocean’s floor
Perhaps little bit cloudy in the blue
When summer is coming here through

Love be happy with its smile
These hours are going to be for awhile
With so much fun going on and to do
Freshness inside and here all the way through
Days and the nights to dream on
With everything from old wintry gone
The rising skies of the freshest new
Those that always come out of the blue

When the sun comes here again soon
To bleach out the iciness of the moon
With every encounter of new love
With its brightly wide sky above
It’s a time when you and I are glad
And with the gone away of the sad
Playing around and having chattering talk
Along the parks and in the woods walk

by Peter S. Quinn

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