When The Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down, Shadows go into hiding
We are left but with ourselves
Memories peck, truth become blinding
We qualm the roads taken, the dust on our feet
Sacrifices become losses, essence regret
Because those we love, are like the sun
But when that sun goes down
The darkness falls so hard and pain is only what the eyes can see
unlike the trees that are freed by shading off cover in winter
We are laid bare, perplexed, hearts frayed and bitter
We question hope, betray faith
when the sun goes down, nothing can be but tears
Streaming down like the heavens when the skies cry
When death betrothed a loved, their light fades
Like autumn, their names slowly become cold
All we have left are memories to be told
lingering like the smell of spring in summer nights
When the sun goes down
we endure the dark, knowing it will rise again

For Jimmy Kabengele: laid to rest 20-06-2015

by Alan Kabanshi

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