When The Tranquility Rules

Poem By Ratnakar Mandlik

One has to play innings of life,
Ample joy be there or be full of grief.
As a river flows the life in any way
Deep n calm or be in a spate it may.

Youth enables to enjoy all the tides
Captivating life with joy and grief.
Advent of the evening though may chide,
Shaking the soul for a moment brief.

Ups and downs faced in the life
Ought to unravel meaning of life,
Enabling to take life in its' stride
Like a Sthitpradnya and a being refined.

Joy n sorrow then lose their meaning
When tranquility rules over the evening.

Comments about When The Tranquility Rules

As a river flows the life in any way Deep n calm or be in a spate it may...unraveling the meaning of life.. very great wisdom.. tony
Peace is the way! ! Nice work.
joys and sorrows lose their meaning when the tranquility rules over the evening. a nice poem, sir. regards.

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