When The World Is At Peace

When the World is at peace
The children will grow.
They'll embrace life
And be excited, just to see snow.

The children will flourish
And become a loving kind
Grateful and thankful
For all that is Thine.

When the World is at peace
The water will be clean
The air clear
Everything sparkling and pristine.

The People of Earth
Will join hand in hand To rebuild the past
And repair our great Land.

When the World is at peace
There will be love and joy
Mother Earth will be smiling
There will be more light for every girl and boy.

The Creator has given us Grace
To create and change
It is time to accept the challenge
To work together to restore the disarrange.

The Universe has given us the keys
To make the violence cease
The Planet glorious once again
When the World is at peace.

by Carolyn O'Riley

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