When The World Lies In Ruins

Poem By HollyLouise Woollard

What will we do when our World lies in Ruins?
When all the Sky scrapers have vanished from our skylines,
When our monachs, goverments and Men of Religion,
Have long since left us, to save their own skin..

What will we do when our World lies in Choas?
When Man must revert back to instinctual origins,
And fight to survive,
When our man-made commodity holds no currency,
Our possetions, our assets; irrelevant,
Our lives and loved ones; expendable.

What can we do to save our world and our existance,
To achieve peace and harmony between our Nations?
What can we do to ensure our children, and of further generations,
Have a safe and secure environment in which to thrive?

Don't place all your love and faith into a Religious concept,
They will do nothing but take your money,
Leave you false hope in return.

The only person who will live your life, is You.

Do not hate and discriminate others around you,
No matter what the colour of their skin, or what they believe,
No matter how much cash they have in their sky rocket,
No Matter who they go home to at night,
No matter if they do not read or write,
Can't walk, can't talk,
It doesn't matter what we percieve,
We were all created equal and that's all we need.

Love fellow man, love one another,
Love thy neighbour like he were your brother,
Make peace with our Planet,
Before it's too late to bother.

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