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When There Is Mutual Agreement
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When There Is Mutual Agreement

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Your attempt to ignore me,
As my lesson given ny you to learn
Is lacking in one key element.
Let me share with you a tip!

For that tactic to work efficiently,
To grab hold of my complete attention
I would think,
Involving my concern
Would achieve the success you are seeking.

You do want me to notice?
In the application of your method,
To make it more effective.
Getting me to notice is important.
Without my commitment
What would you achieve?

Let's see
How can I participate to make it appear,
I am not noticing?
To react in that way you are seeking from me.

When you come up with that
Let me know.
And I will practice being affected emotionally.
While you are in the process of doing that,
I will continue to pay you no attention.

Do you see how easy things can become
To eliminate the process of headaches,
WHEN there is mutual agreement
Any and all things are possible.

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