When There Is No Light


When there is no light
It is necessary to learn to live in the darkness-
I try and fail again-
Falling together is worse than falling as one-
I did not know gloom and doom would come so early-
There must be a way out- but I do not know it and I am not the one to find it-
Two too alike do not make for salvation this day-
I pray to God-
But why should God help me when it is my responsibility?
I am old and sick and sad and weak and in pain and afraid and stupid-
The light – the light
Where is the light?
When there is so much darkness?

by Shalom Freedman

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I find so much hidden meanings in this poem but its intensity and profound depth is remarkable. Your style is free and flowing, and the thoughts blend, however sad and dark it is. Excellent! 10+++++