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When There's No One

When there is no one here to tell me
Everything is going to be all right
When there is no one here to comfort me
To keep me whole throughout my life

When the pain has reached it peak and
My world is no more
My tears can love me all the while
Until my love comes through this door

When I need my love to love me
And I need her to love me all the time
When I want my love to kiss me
Until I feel her rolling rumbling tides

Now my tears are not joyous anymore
But surely they make me believe
My love is on her way back
From the depth of heaven’s love

Yes really my tears do me some good
Not even caring if my face is messed
They come rolling out in furies of streams
Guiding me through this horrid dream

Somewhere hidden away inside they are calm
Out here in plain sight they are the bomb
For that I love my tears attackingly wet
And rolling down my cheeks at heaven bequest

by Murphy Payne

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