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When They Initiate A Tension
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When They Initiate A Tension

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I had to sever my emotions,
From those I had considered 'friends'.
You know...
The ones that want to dump their stress,
On another friend's shoulders.
While a dumping done to them...
They feel a right to publicly address.

And those 'so-called' friends...
Who express to others,
Your friendship to them has been their best...
Are relunctant to express truth as it is,
When they initiate a tension not to mention...
They believe others should accept not reject.

After going through undue duress,
A decision was made to guard my peace.
And my rest.
With no regrets at all.
Acknowledging I am grateful and blessed to not be stressed.

My purpose is not to be leeched for attention.
Unless that leeching is of mutual consent.
And a sincerity that is deeply given,
Is a sincerity felt and deeply meant!
I have had the experience of being conscious,
For much too long to know when something's wrong.

'You know I could never be like that! '

Now say that again.
But this time give me eye contact.

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