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When Things Fall Apart
LS (30/10/1989 / Maseru Lesotho)

When Things Fall Apart

I searched in the east
but could not find anyone,
I still could not find anyone in the west,
Is it because i have nothing worthy?

They ran to the north and south
To hide away from my reach,
They have got the reason why they abondon me,
They know it but i definitely don't.
Will i find them in the central?

When they come to me
They ask me who are you not how are you,
And what do you do not how do you do.
Is that how friendship is?
Shoul i call them my friends or enemies?
But why friends
Yet they turn a back against me when i have nothing?

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Feel proud of yourself and maintain your originality.....Those who would be impressed by your originality, will only be your true admirers.........10/10 Best Wishes Sameer