When Time Carves The Deepest Lines

Poem By Anthony Dawson

Feet pace the hallways length;

anticipation of tomorrow’s first time job

robs the eyes of solid sleep,

creates wild lies, belief in unreal scenes.

A mother can also be denied of sleep,

she waits so late: daughter has ignored a curfew enforced

for the first of many teenage dates.

Anger spills from her mouth,

more from relief than soreness over broken vows,

and lessons are learned, slowly but sound.

Experiments with cigarettes,

stolen beer on camping trips;

the retreat to home, to a warmer bed,

the all night vigil far from complete.

Knowledge comes from scenes like this,

some learn, others trip,

but no one is denied a memory.

Comments about When Time Carves The Deepest Lines

So very elequent. So many lessons. So many deep lines indeed. GS (mother of four amazing teenagers)

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