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When Time Has Played A Factor In Obtaining Knowledge
( / Connecticut)

When Time Has Played A Factor In Obtaining Knowledge

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I've been forced to deal with 'aspects' of reality,
Most of my life.
And most of my life,
Never did I have wishes to flaunt a notoriety.
Or a skill I've obtained.
IF I was blessed or cursed to achieve it.

My folks had a 'thing' about being down to Earth.

I've never rehearsed what I've had to say to anyone.
Unless a 'character' I created while acting from a script...
Was prepared to light fire to a stage.
And I enunciated using every bit of tongue and lips.
With a throwing of my voice.
If I had to!
I've been trained in all of this!

And I was there to mesmerize!
Ready with emotions emoted under spotlight.
Not holding back one bit with a riveting performance.
Worthy of the attention given.

I learned early in life to know the difference,
Between 'acting' and being free of disguise.
Those who are not disciplined to know the 'art'
Of this skill...
Perceive it quite easy to steal scenes,
From a professional...
Who makes that look simple enough to do!
Oh no!
This is much more than a Halloween trick,
For untreated fools.

When time has played a factor in obtaining knowledge,
Identity 'and' confidence...
Has to be shown to avoid further misunderstandings.

And these moments occur when others become upset...
Realizing I am the one directing them to the exit!
Exposing this ability to some for the first time.
And surprising a few,
Who had not witnessed this from their point of view before.
Just how qualified I am at what I do.
And how best to get it done to avoid any waste of movement.

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