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When To Let Go

Struggling to see the road
veiled beyond the tears,
hopes and dreams turned to dust,
as the doctor confirmed my fears

'Your little girl is dying
we've done all that we can do,
I think it's better if she spends,
her last days at home with you'

Like clips from a home movie
the images flashing in my mind,
of a happy, healthy eight year old
always so loving and kind

Always quick to laughter
so full of love and life,
God, how those images,
cut through me like a knife!

I sit here now by her bedside
holding her tiny hand in mine,
should I try to tell her now,
will there be a better time?

Her eyes flicker open,
those eyes so clear and blue,
her waking words in a whisper,
'Daddy, you know that I love you'

The smile on her little face
belied the seriousness on her mind,
as she strived for the words,
she felt she had to find

'You know how much I love you,
and no one could take your place'
She reached up with a trembling hand,
to brush the tears from my face

'I saw Jesus here this morning,
He was standing right over there,
He said that He could feel my pain,
and He came because He cares'

'He said that I could be free of pain
if I let Him take me home.
I want that more than anything,
but then, you would be alone'

As the revelation struck me,
God opened up my eyes
I saw the greed and selfishness,
which I harbored deep inside

I had thought to let her go
would be failure on my part
It took that child's unselfishness,
to melt this hardened heart

I thought my heart would shatter
at those words she had to say,
but I knew what she needed to hear,
if I could but find the way

I said, 'Honey, I know you hurt,
and I want you to be free,
you needn't worry that I'll be alone,
because Jesus is also here with me'

I know that she is free now
with happiness beyond compare,
and I know I'll see her again one day,
when she greets me over there

So many trials we face in life,
but this I've come to know;
the hardest trial we can overcome,
is knowing when to let go

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Such a beautifully sad poem! I enjoyed this very much. I look forward to seeing you post more. (By the way, my father-in-law shares your name...Jim Elkins) . Nice work. Sincerely, Mary