JSN (27/06/65 / Sevenoaks Kent UK)

When Tony Blair Met George W

The boy from Edinburgh
Liked the Texan’s style
George said “I’m Conservative”
Tony just gave a smile

They knew they’d work together
So Tony and George agreed
We have a mutual goal
We have a mutual need

We’re both up for re-election
And the public like a war
Our philosophies are different
But we’re greedy for some more

Our countries worked together
In World War I and II
So once more, unto the breach
Is the least that we can do

“We need to kill some Arabs”
Said George to his friend Tony
“It doesn’t really matter
If the justification’s phoney”

“They flew those planes into the towers
And for that they’ve got to pay
We’ve got to make them suffer
We’ll bring them Judgement Day”

“I agree” said Tony
“But where should we attack? ”
George said “I know the place
We’re going to hit Iraq! ”

When my dad was president
He wanted to invade
But most of the coalition then
Were worried, or too afraid

Tony said to George
“Osama is the man! ”
But George he disagreed
“We’ve got to get Sadam”

“We’ll call it liberation
And freedom from their toil
And then they’ll be so grateful
They’ll give us all their OIL! ”

“You must be right of course George
You know that business well”
“You bet that I am right boy
Were going to give them hell”

“How will we sell the quest
To the general population
We need to find a reason
To approve his liquidation”

“We just have to tell the voters
He’s got piles of WMD
Then they’ll give a mandate
Just you wait and see”

“But what if in the end
They discover that he hasn’t!
Won’t our little deception
One day become apparent? ”

“That Hans Blix has stated
He needs more time to search
I have to confess a worry, George
As I like my lofty perch”

“Don’t you worry, Tony
The publics on our side
There’s nothing like a war
To bring out national pride”

“They’ll rally to the cause
Just you mark my words
And we’ll be revered as heroes
And not just a couple of nerds”

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While the consequences of this meeting were truly disastrous and piteous, this is an awesome write.....The quatrain poetic format that you have chosen really helps to do justice to the subject...10