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When Truth Came To Knock
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When Truth Came To Knock

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Very few standards kept are valued these days.
Making attempts to impress the neighbors next door,
With materialistic wishes to flaunt our 'things'...
Seems to have brought to bring to many less happiness.
With some who sought the basics of life,
Did not have to wait too long before their prized possessions...
Had overnight been repossessed and gone.
To leave them upset, depressed and in hiding.

Very few standards kept are valued these days.
And the ones willing to confess this,
Have already addressed their tears wept...
With those equally embarrassed,
After going through the same familiar steps.
Even though there are those who still desire to cling,
On their bling.
With a hope their charading stays masqueraded.

'What a relief to discover walking and exercise.
Had I known the benefits of this,
I would not have waited so long to decide...
Proper diet and being more conscious of my health,
Would satisfy me the way it has.
So glad I have decided to change my habits.'

~I did the same thing when truth came to knock.
And there a neighbor stood to ask...
If I was aware my personal mechanic,
Towed away my car just after midnight...
A few years ago.
To have work on it done.
I pretended I was surprised they noticed.~

'Isn't that a coincidence.
The same thing happened to me.
But I told them to keep the car.
I didn't need it anymore.
Since I was developing a new health regimen.'

~I can't believe this!
I said the exact same thing.
Today I am going to the pawn shop.
I am so tired of purchasing things I don't need.~

'Trust me.
I understand.
That's why I demanded,
To have a 'For Sale' sign placed...
In the front AND back of my house.
And just yeaterday I got a bus pass.
I decided I should travel more.
You know...
See the sights? '

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