When Two Become One

Marriage is the union that tests all bonds. It flexes and bends through time!

Each person must give up all of himself, inorder to enjoy its sweet wine!

When two become one, its not very much fun. It hurts and tests you in every way!

But if you are patient and let God mold you with his perfect hands. You will pass every test every day!

You say my heart is not bigger and that I am not strong and this won't change with the passage of years.

I say that you can change anything in your life that holds you back if you submit and hold back all your tears!

Your pride is the thing that stands in your way, It will finish you off late at night.

Your love must be stronger than anything else it must move you and soften pride's bite!

So when two become one its the start of the toils that this process is due to ignite.

But God's true to his word that he won't leave you alone and that he will help you continue the fight!

This poem is for the lovers who understand my plight and experience this every day.

I hope that my words can help you to over come yourself and warm you like a warm summer day!

.........When Two become One

By Eric McDonald

by Eric McDonald

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in any union, respect is the most needed bond..Thank you for sharing
A nice poem on marriage.