When Undaunted

Often you could sing,
If this is wanted.
And choosing this to do,
To flaunt...
Can be often,
When undaunted.

When one arrives with eyes,
Open very wide to push aside...
Dislikes one has had,
To realize them minimized...
A doing what one wishes,
Is done often.

Walking in a slow stride,
In the pouring rain outside...
To do as one wishes,
Undaunted to do from a wanting...
To flaunt,
It will be chosen as one chooses often.

Take the time to feel your best,
Take the time to get some rest,
Face to rid those tests you get,
And happiness you can express,

'You seem so self-assured,
And full of yourself these days.'

~I am.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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