When Was I Not Here For You

As the Sun is bright.
And stars at night,
Twinkle like candles lit.
Against a darkened sky.
I am here.

I may not be able,
At this moment to understand.
Those feelings to experience.
Or witness from your point of view.
How you were affected.
And what it was you had gone through.
I am here.
If nothing else is clear to you.
That should be.
I have not yet left to leave.

I may not walk in your shoes.
To know and hear,
Who says or does what to you.
I am here.
If evidence you need.
My presence has produced the proof.

I am here and giving,
All the time from me you need.
To allow yourself in me to trust.
Without giving up your patience.
Kept patience with me is a must.
I will repeat to say again.
I am here.
And nowhere else right now,
Am I wanting it wished I'd rather be.
But I will say this,
Tolerating to accept disrespect.
Or making an exception to expect it.
I am here but not for that.
And if that is not clear enough.
You leave me with no other reason,
To believe anything else is.

I am here.
For you.
And from your point of view,
When was I not.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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