When We Cry

We are children of the eagles
Precious in the eyes of our mother
teach us not to cry like the eyes
Protect our young mind in your hands
For the sake of tomorrow which harbour
Hope and love, undying dreams of mankind
Monitor our move, epitome of goodness
we are made by the creator of peace
Madness knows not the bond between
Our aging minds nor in our smiles
When we cry, something had become dark in
Our young nestling eyes
When we cry, the walls had broken
the mourners never expect profit in
Those they mourn in pains and tears
we are now best to salute the moon
Which smiles to us with heavenly hope
We are children of the eagles
Teach us what count not what count
For morning await the silent journey of the night
To the unknown destination where it abode
Why feast in tears children of eagles?
Bore your mind with faith in you lies tomorrow
hope for tomorrow in you, are words left unsaid
When we cry, mother is restless
nature made us dumb not deaf because we see
Beyond our eyes and talk where not asked
Words we say they told us it mattered not
in the world of elders
But when we cry they understood our troubles
And attend to our needs
When we cry, they understand us better

by john chizoba vincent

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