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When We Die

Where will we go when we die
Will we be raised up to God into the sky,
Upon the clouds we will float never to weep
Unto this promise; to some, God will always keep,
Or maybe we will find our own eternal rest
When we are laid underneath the world's dirt breast,
Sleeping in the ground with the worms in the earth
Into her womb like a seed hoping for a rebirth,
But then, who knows we might end up going to hell
Maybe that is where we will end up and dwell,
With no more rest or sleep or any solitude
Based upon our sins and our beliefs and our attitude.
In this life of ours we are waiting for the end
Sometimes our sins we ignore or them we forget to mend
So, where will we go when our lives do expire
Into heaven, or in the ground, or maybe in a lake of fire.

Randy L. McClave

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