When We Dream

How serene the night is now,
No heartache knows its place,
No breath of disquietened air
Passes overhead.
No one shouts along the streets,
Not even cars disturb the peace,
But still I am unsettled,
Renched from all I know,
I feel a pang of hunger,
A glimpse of pain.
But then it's gone,
And suddenly wind is about.
My heart bleeds its silly drops,
The tarmac's trampled underfoot,
And streets cry out because of rubber,
For you see I have awoken,
My slumber passed over me,
No more serene, no more,
I'm forced to face the light alone,
As the coming day arrives.
I've gone too far into my head
To ever be let out.

by Mathew Lewis

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... I'm lost for words and yet could shout out a thousand praises...