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When We Fell In Love
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

When We Fell In Love

It feels like living a dream
a dream of you and me.
Beautiful as i've never seen
and it's beauty is endessly.
Inside of me i feel,
like we are meant to be.
When i was young i knew
you are waiting at the other side of the sea.
But waves were so high,
and that's why you never reached me.
I shall wait all my life to finally be with you,
i was made to love and it'll set me free.
One day i saw angels,
drawing a face with the colours of light
i came by closer and i was shocked
by a face so warm and bright.
And on the same sunny day i saw another sun
through the darkness of the hearts i saw my one.
i knew your face and all over again i fell in love
And angels were singing while they flied above......

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