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When We First Kissed
(7/12/1964 / Michigan)

When We First Kissed

Poem By Shelly Price

I close my eyes to see
your lips upon mine.
Your thoughts empty of 'I shouldn't'.
your body full of 'I must'.
Your hunger now a beast
all hesitation gone.
You move close to me
your lips brush mine.
Electricity surges through our bodies
lightening strikes the sky.
Our tongues seductively dance in harmony
to the silent sounds of our lust.
The passion that consumes us
our lips tasting
to satisfy the starvation of time.
Your tongue gently licking my lips
sucking them.
A light moan escapes my lungs.
Our bodies are alive
buring with heat.
They have betrayed us
all reason cast aside.
The sheer pleasure of our oneness
wanting more.
More pleasure
more hot
wet tongues flickering.
My lips and yours
they slowly part.
We look into each others eyes
no secrets hidden there.
All has been revealed
when we first kissed.

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The sheer pleasure of our oneness... feverish...passionate...wanting more. More pleasure...more hot, steamy... wet one the best of shelly price... you know art and inflate of love..in verse