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When We Go To Heaven
PPH (1996-1920 / )

When We Go To Heaven

Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

When we go, do we all have to play harps? If we do,
I'm assuming we'll instantly know how to play them,
right? It's not like we'll have to take lessons or anything,
right? (cause you know what drudgery that can be - all
those scales. Ugh!)

Reason I'm asking is that, well, do you think I might
ask (politely) if I could forego the harp and instead have
a Hammond B3 organ along with the instant ability to
play it? That would be so cool, especially through
Leslie speakers! In real life, the B3 is soooo heavy, but
I figure in heaven I won't have to worry about that,
either because everything will be very light or because
there will be roadies to move things for me. Am I being
presumptuous? I mean, maybe everyone in heaven will
be too lazy to want to move equipment around.

So I was thinking - tell me if this is too farfetched -
maybe we could get some people from hell to do it, you
know, like on a weekend pass from their boiling
cauldrons. Just the ones that deserve a break, you know.
Not murderers or anything, maybe just a couple of
shoplifters or something. They'd probably think hauling
around musical equipment would be like a paid
vacation after being impaled on pitchforks or bull-
whipped or whatever. I don't know, just a thought.
What do you think?

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Comments (11)

I found the content of this poem brilliant. The execution was IMO just mediocre. Also, I am positive that you can do much better. Best H
HeHeHe! Roadies in heaven. Awesome! Great fun, this poem.
Ah.. I've just finished all seven of your current deadly sins, laughing all the way. A very George Carlin-esque tone to these works ('Can God make a rock so big, that even he can't lift it? ') . Well done. You could run with this theme a long time. Likewise, I'm looking forward to 'PoHo's poems on politics'. -chuck
ha ha ha! it is about time you got recognized for your outstanding comments to Bob Gotti, ProPoHo. they are works of art in their own right. Jake
What a fun piece! It's like casting pearls before swine though. Looks like the religious zealots on this site don't have a sense of humor judging from your ratings. That's funny. God did in 'Dogma, ' one of my favorite movies. Anyway, to hell with them. Let them read Bob Gotti. There's more verve and wit in this piece than you'll find in his entire output. (From a fellow heathen.) We cannibals have got to help these Christians.