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When We Lost Our Union

The day that we lost our Union
Was when our Union members cut their own throat,
They were told not to believe in the Democrats;
That I quote!
Their children and themselves now have nothing
While freezing without gloves or a coat,
They believed the Republican's lies that they read
While I knew, that their truths could not float.

The day that we lost our Union
And upon that fact we none would dote,
Was when a Republican ran for President
A wall of defence is all that he would promote.
We now have Republicans standing for right-to-work
The wall now has become a stupid anecdote,
Our Union members are now all laid-off
And for our Union, it has drowned in a moat.

The day that we lost our Union
From the lies that Union members had wrote,
They believed a person because he was a Republican
Now that mistake "FOREVER! " they must always tote.
The wealthy and the greedy had won
"The middle class lost! ", the rich once again did gloat,
Our Unions and our benefits are now lost forever;
Proudly, for a Democrat I did vote.

Randy L. McClave

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