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When We Meet Again
SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

When We Meet Again

The clock keeps ticking away as pressure builds up inside
as time just passes by my emotions continue to hide.
I feel a heavy weight on top of my chest, and I dont know what to do
dont know whats the cause of this, just know I deeply miss you!
Everyday passes on by and I wait in hopes that I will see
staring into the nothingness of the air i'm meant to breathe
telling myself its okay, you're just a little late
but its been almost two months now and I still continue to wait
can't see you in my dreams anymore, you're nowhere to be found
i guess you're busy doing what you have to do and you cannot be around
still your face shines brightly through my mind just like it was today
and every thursday it hurts me more to work like i'm okay
the lasting memory i'll always have the last game of cards we played
still hurting me inside my heart to know you couldnt stay
when the day comes we meet in light, you better be ready to lose
cause we'll play another game of cards and i'll kick your ass in it a change from old to new... i miss you so much! ! !

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