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When We Turned 'You And Me' Into 'We'
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When We Turned 'You And Me' Into 'We'

Poem By Nicole Holloway

I still remember that day
The one day that changed
you and me

We were sitting
Hand in hand
You were watching the wind blow through my hair
You smiled
Your eyes twinkling with such happiness
It made me smile

You gently placed your lips onto my cheek
A tender flash of warmth jolted through my entire body
My face rose in color
You chuckled and turned my head
Gently placing those magnetic lips onto mine
Sending me through a dream of bliss

I smiled
You put flowers in my hair
'Nicole, you're beautiful.'
'Nicole, you're so beautiful.'
Lovely things spilled from your mouth
I blushed

You told me to close my eyes
'I have a surprise.'
I chuckled
I love surprises
You knew I did

'Open your eyes.'
I found a tulip in your hands
I gasped
Filled with joy
You remembered
Remembered my favorite flower

'I love you, Nicole'
Those three words finally sounded
A tear dropped to the ground
I embraced him
With such a force he nearly fell

We wept in eachother's arms
The words we both had been dying to say
They were finally told

'I love you too.'
I said
Holding him
So hard
He might have snapped in two.

I will always remember that day
That moment
When 'You and Me'
turned into

(Dedicated to Barry.)

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This is beautiful! ! ! Reminds me of the day my husband asked me to marry him...very nice! ! ! ! ! ! ! :)