VE (9-20-1961 / Cape Girardeau)

When We Were Gold

Gold we were:
my skin, your hair;
full of sunshine, sparkling in the air.
And oh, how blue and gold your eyes:
Rivals to the sea and skies.
And strong we were, as was our love,
Boundless as the wind above.
But Time works wear on Golden Children;
The storms of life drench to the bone.
Friends drift away on ebbing tides,
and all we're left is quite alone.
Icy silver in my hair- My golden skin toned pallid grey;
Time and Sadness cloud my eyes,
Reflections of the winter's day.
And oh, how icy cold your eyes, As sharp as any sleet that flies.
The winter's frost upon your beard is even colder than I feared-
I turn my silvered eyes away and dream about a summer's day
When we were young and Gold.

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