What Of Passion?

Passion and judgement often wage war, bold
Reason tho', speaks to make peace, and awards
Both rudder and sail to unseasoned souls,
Who, broken by passion unchained, broaden
Pain to deep grief, as in sailing ahead
With unfettered ardour, birth more stormy,
Ill-disposed fantasy, which covets dreaded
Control. Instead, haul in fervour, to form
Anchored alliance with reason. Harbour there,
Where, touched by compassion, hearts without ire
Can flourish passionately, yet fairly act.

Willing to serve, eagerness meets desire,
Catches fire, and true rapture emerges.
Shakes free illicit lusts, then is purged,
And becomes purely ecstatic gold-dust.
Such ageless rapture will never grow old.

by Fay Slimm

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