LCW (27.03.73 / Northumberland, England)

When We Were Young

Remember the nights we stayed out until dark
The songs we made up while we played in the park

Remember the names that we carved on the trees
And the free little gifts we got from the chinese

Remember defrosting bagettes in the dryer
and dipping some battered mars bars in the fryer

Remember the tricks we played on your kid brother
and the constant attempts to try fool your dear mother

Remember the day we met up after years
There was chatter and laughter and some happy tears
It was then that I knew we'd be friends til the end
For you are one person whom I can depend!

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Comments (6)

It's good to recollect thoughts on your past. *Andrew*
Good to reflect on happy times, and you have. Well done...
like its said: better than a brother, that may need a band-aid tomorrow, i'd definitely give first-aid to... today.
A touching piece written from the heart, Many wonderful things contained Love Duncan x
Friendship remembered and rekindled. Great write Lisa. Danny
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