When Will We See Our Peaceful World Again? .....

When will we see our peaceful world again?
When will we see our people with smiles?
When will we see the freedom of all people?
Our present world is burning with lost for love
The crimes and destructions are dancing to the evil's tune
God's anger and mother nature's disturbance
cause this world to die day by day.
Innocent people are helplessly trying to protect
their owned land with stone and strings from their enemies
But they are gun downed to death without judgments
Unwanted wars are spread all over the world
and bring their nations to get hatred towards each others
The word of peace always has been written on the river
and washed out into the ocean with blood
Hope become hopeless and life become lifeless
Having lost faith in heaven, turning the world into hell
Let us pray to prevail peace in this world very soon

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
Copyright @2008 Ravi Sathasivam

by Ravi Sathasivam

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