ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

When Will You Let Me Go?

When will you let me die?
Don't you get can't you see?
I don't wish to live my life.
I can't take any more pain.
I hate living in pains lane.

When you let me go?
When will you let my suffering end?
Why can't you see I can't take anymore?

Please see it like I do.
My life is over and done.
See it like I do I am not worth saving.
I am only worth dying.

No body will miss me for long.

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Aaah, Amy...A fine poetess as yourself...we can't let go. Your Poemhunter friends would miss you! Let the words you pen be the venue for your pain and and your verse be the salve to soothe your soul. Take care....Leria