When Yearning

Poem By Warren Atherton

I mused there at the the table.

A myriad thoughts and emotions,
Like the sonar of the great 'Blue',
Trying to permeate the depths to reach you
And still I wasn't able,
The deep-freeze of love ever stable.

I dream.

I remember your glowing smile
Would make the room explode for me like
A blinding Supernova.
Now it's always cold.
A palpable inferno diminished
By the icy hand of familiarity,
A point of pure beguile.

Yet, still a flickering ember,
Where shrapnels of light,
Only subdued by the ignorance
Of an unresponding heart,
Burrow through the loneliness.
Such dissipating, fear abating will-
My incandescent light.

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