When You Are A Loser? ....Imagine What You Feel.........

Poem By Naveen Choudary

Looking for an idea
But ideas seldom arrive
Am looking for a journey
But there's no 'Guide'

A journey through thorny strides
Love and hatred coin's sides
Sometimes it rains to a new life
Ironically, flooding to extirpate too

Sometime's talking to myself
I wonder, what's happening
When will it all end
why we're here
where we destined to
That's a jargon tough to solve for whole life

Will it end someday
Will it be a moist summer's or chilly winter's
Will it be a demise
A renouncement of a scion
A chavaliar or a lion


Will it be an sabotage, an encounter
An downfall of a lier or a poseur
A weak a 'woebegone'

Life's in anguishes
I asked for a soft assuage
But it was bruishes in return
A single step I cruised forth
Envies in world's eyes.

My poem's no more entice
They are not piercing or incessant
With no emotions and nothing to set
Fill the Reader to a trance

They're just dumb word's
Nothing germane to reader's delights
They stagnate, like my life
It's frozen iceberg
A heart stone a rocked

Used to be in fames
But now it's lost game
Now am been laughed, am a loser
Trying to write my heart's agonies

And you audiences(reader's) also following
a same pursuit, a same stride
Leaving me quaint and curious
why would you bother
to read a loser a useless person
Abandoning me to
Same Lonely


My poem's my diary
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