ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

When You Came

You came.
And you hurt me.
And you abused me.
You raped me.

You came
You laughed at me
You made me do things
I didnt want to do.

You came
You made me feel.
What shit was like.
How hurt feels.
What pain feels like.

You came
And you opened my eyes.
To a world of pain
A world of hurt.
A world of abuse.

Then you left
But you havent left my head.
I remember it all.
I cant forget.

I cant forget your face of evil
You twisted vile look.
You shitty voice
And your vile disgusting smell.

You left me with the ruins
In ruins of what you did
In tatters and shreads.

You left me with
Alake of tears
Alife of torment
And emotional scars.

You left me
Laughter that was not mine
God how hate you

Your out of my life now
But your in my head.
In my past
and in my dreams
And nightmares.

Why wont you fuckoff
out of my head?
Please take the lauhter away

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