LT (Germany / Berlin)

When You Came My Way

I kept my head held up high,
My heart enclosed in steel.
No longer did I want nor have the need to feel.

And then you came my way.

I have been hurt so many times,
My heart felt too many crimes,
Walking through life as though I was blind.

And then you came my way.

Now that pain is slowing fading away from the grey.
But I still can not help but feel like I am being led astray.
All these mixed emotions because of you, when you came my way.

For I have found a place with in you.
That is showing me brighter days.
Something that scares me horribly,
In so many different ways.

For in your arms I have felt and seen,
a tenderness that only I could ever dream.
I often wonder why is this happening and
What does this all mean?

Because of you, when you came my way.

I still have my doubts and issues with my trust
But yet somehow my connection to you is a must.
I can not explain it nor do I know why
But something keeps telling me that I have to give this a try.
And with these feelings I hope you now see
For when you came my way, what has happened to me? ? !

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