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When You Come By

When you come by to think of me,
Please; for me do not weep
Because I am no longer there.
All you see now is a shell,
Where I once did dwell,
So please, for me do not stare.
And when they place me in this Earth
And cover me with her dirt,
Please, do not shed another tear.
Because I have went on
Like the wind and the dawn,
So I am no longer here.
But please remember my laugh,
And remember my smile,
But mostly, remember my soul.
Because it was what made me, me
It gave me life and made me free,
It was what everyone truly did know.
So if you come by again,
To visit me as my friend,
Or even if you want to just say Hi.
Do not look at the ground,
Because there I will not be found,
But look up towards the clouds in the sky.

Randy L. McClave

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