(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When You Cry

When you cry...
Are you feeling mislead?
Wondering why as you sigh,
How you got where you are...
With that pain inside!

When you cry...
From a place that's hurting.
Do you feel deserted?
Knowing that your weeping
Is not deserved!

When you cry...
And the tears are falling.
Do you then realize,
It's hard to fake
A heart that aches.

And you can not shake the breaking!

When you cry...
Do you wish to be held?
By the very someone,
Who brought to you
Overwhelming hell!

Wake up from this spell!

When you cry...
Does revenge cross your mind?
And you sit bitterly,
With a wish you could kick...
Someone's behind.

When you cry,
Are you trying to release...
Every ounce of hurt,
By the one who left...
A pile of dirt!

When you cry...
Has it dawned on you?
No one else does it,
Like you do.

You're left screwed.

And crying like you do,
Makes it true...
You're the fool!

And crying like you do...
Leaves no sympathy for you!

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