When You Fall Asleep Does A Ghost Have Sex With You

A feeling in the gut
and the groin area would be dripping
moist wet and sweaty.

Thinking it was the humidity
and that maybe something was really wrong
a psycotic break from known reality
some other kind of illness or
some thing worse.

Menopausal hot flashes
because only there was it sweaty.
Laying awake all night
and hoping it wouldn't happen.
Happening only when you would fall asleep.

It was if you almost didn't want to fall asleep
because you knew you would wake up all wet
and sweaty with adrenalin coursing
through your heart like those panic attacks.

Being aware that what had happened
was a spiritual presence
that was somehow involved with me sexually.
Receiving counselling
I confessed about feeling guilty
that while asleep I was very sexually aroused
and had orgasmed.

My counselor informed me
that rape is rape
and that subconsciously my body was
deep in sleep working.

Translucent the mist as it coiled
and grew deep inside me.
Real images floated from it.
Not being a man nor being a woman
transfering more into me
than a sexual feeling.

by James McLain

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That was creepy But you are brave enough to put it into words The experience is frightening But the poem is good.