When You Feeel Like Sumthings Not Right

Have you ever felt like sumthing not right
you're wondering and wondering day an night
your body gets tight a blurry site
you say to yourself this is not right

You think your man is cheating on you
5 mins later he calls out the blue
he tells you that he found some one new
you pause for a min...... then said who
he tells you dont worry about it cause she dont no you
you want to go over an start a fight
but you say to yourself that won't be right

Your sitting in your bed trying to go to sleep
but your thinking bout the shyt that happen in the past week
you sat up in the bed holding your head
tryin to fight the crap in your left or right leg
get out of bed I can't take this nomore
your walking towards the door an fall to the floor
an you sat there looking at the dark cieling
you thought to yourself with a bad bad feeling

You feel in your heart a very sharp pain
wondering to god is it your time
then you relized your losing your mind
your sitting on the floor for the rest of the night
you now no that somethings really not right

The very next day you put this to an end
you relized maybe you have to go to churchan pray it off
and 3 months later it never happen again

Now u live happy wit your boyfriend which u call him yo boo
but if u read this poem it might happen to u

by latasha anderson

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Latasha thus is a great poem...I give you a 10. If you have time you should check out a couple of my poems called 'The real me...'and 'There is no Mr Right'. Tell me what you think.