AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

When You Left

When you left I lost a part of me,
The part where I used to believe,
Now everyday that goes by,
It feels like I'm living a lie.

Once again just to see your face,
It will take me to our special place,
The place where we used to be,
When it was just you and me.

For everyday that I feel sad,
I thank God for giving me all,
That I've ever had,
When ever I see you I get mad,
But thats because we threw,
Away what we had.

Ill never forget the day that,
You were taken away,
Out of my life for good as,
You would say,
But it doesnt matter who,
I see you were the only one,
Meaningful to me but there,
Is something you will never know.

Without you I can never show,
Any love night, rain, sunny, sleet, or snow,
Forever I'll stay mad for letting you go,
Cause the other half of me left,
When you walked out the door.

by John Love

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