When You Need Me I Will Be There

When you need me look up into the sky and I will rain upon you a falling star, so that you will know that I have not gone far.

When you want to talk to me and you feel as if I am not listen look up and I will show you a twinkle, twinkle little star.

I am still here with you and I want you to be happy, you know as well as I that we will see each other again, but Only God knows when.

This life is not promised to us but there is a place where I will sit wait until you are home and we are together again.

I am where the stars kiss the blackness of night;
I am beyond the stars and the light of moon; I am where the Angels lie on the clouds to rest;

I am in the sweetness part of heaven behind the pearly gates.
When you cry and you feel a bit of cold wind brush your face it is my wiping away the tears.

I will do my dance around the moon until a smile fells upon your face.
When I see you fast a sleep, I always rush down to give you a good night kisses because I love you always and not even death will keep us apart.

by Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

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