GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

When You'Re In Love

Many people say they're in love
But most are only in love with an idea
Of what they wish would happen or what could be
They are in love with what they want things to be
They love what they want someone to be

But when you're in love, it can't be put simply
The idea that you love is your reality
What you wish to happen is happening
What you want to be is
When you love the person for being
And you still have great chemistry

When your in love, there are still insecurities
Every harsh word stings uncontrollably
When all you ever try to do is please
And still the words hurt more than normally

When your in love, your time spent apart seems like forever
Your entire mood alters at the flick of a wrist
And you can go one moment from sulking to smiling the next
The sight of your love makes it all seem ok
And when held by that person, your fears run away

When your in love, you've given someone your heart
You've let down your guard
They now control your every feeling and you are at their mercy
Because it is them you are constantly craving
But it's being in love that we were created for
And being in love is worth sacrificing for

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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Ok Gaurded Heart. The grammer needs sorting firstly,1st Line! st Verse 'they're. 1st line 2nd Verse 'you're'. Now to the poem. Your first verse deals with what you think are others views and perspectives of 'what love is' which considering your age, I don't think is a wise way to introduce your other views on love in this poem. But this is just my opinion, so ignore it at your leisure. In the 2nd verse you deal with again, your view of what true love is, which is all well and good, but you have to leave room for others preferences. Yes it can be put simply, but you kind of pound through your views, almost thumping the reader with them. implying in your 3rd line that anything other than what is directly in front of you, is something other than love. Which is not true, again imo. Love is an emotion, a feeling in your heart, which cannot be ignored, it is true the rest of this verse apart from the 4th line, does describle how love is. I like the 'just being' ending. Your 4th verse deals very well with the pain that love can cause us when disagreement and friction arises in such a relationship, and it does occur without fail imo. The last two verses are just right. I hope you are in love and don't mind my crit, I get critisised for not critting enough and I must admit that I would like to see you developing a better presentation of your work. I am crap at spelling, but I try and there is no reason why you can't imo. Surrogate mother Tai smiling at you.