When You Reach At Thirty

When every single people reach at thirty
Of course! they are in a state of maturity
With financial and emotional stability
And have their time of availability
Only one thing is missing to be happy.

When these people reach at thirty
They start to worry ans say
Oh! I'm not in a calendar already
I must do something and be hurry
I may be late for the race today.

When these people are in weary
They asked their friends for a little pray
To help where they could find the girl to be
Or sometimes, they just say,
What was the problem in me?

When you reach at thirty
And never find woman or man to be
Dont put yourself to worry
Meaning no one is brave to love thy
We can live in a life with glory.

When we reach at thirty
Then we see each other in a place to be
We dont have to be worry
Lets make our dream come true
Marry me, and be the mommy of our baby.

by Judith Kempis

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