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When You Say You Love....

Dont just say you love somebody,
for if you do, then show it!
When you say you love somebody,
Be sincere, they'll know it.

When you say you love somebody.
let it show in your smile,
and in all the little things you do,
that makes loving like this worthwhile.

Let love flow from the freedom of your soul,
not because you must, but because you truly care,
for when love given out this way,
comes back multiplied manifold,
and meant to stay.

Love is not just a four letter word,
But something so much deeper and profound,
that sustains us in the hardest of times
and thru life's unbearable storms.

To know and feel the truest love,
How fortunate that soul,
for he or she has been made complete,
its love thats made them whole !

Pauline Raina

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A nice poetic imagination, Pauline. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks