When You Start Listening To Silence...

Poem By lalitha iyer

YOu hear
the songs
the sound of life
and the world of audible moods

when you sit
in a relaxed fit
and seek Silence
shutting eyes
and stopping senses
of volition
in the Ocean of Silence
as you go deeper and deeper
Oh! the whole word of invisibility
it vibrates
intangible energy forms
they tell you magic tales
you are about to explode
your wisdom on the rise
your inner body
swelling with knowledge
and accelerating
with the speed of inner escalation
yes, the more vibration you inhale
listening with your being
that encompasses
within and beyond you
oh! it is beyond imagination
growing up like an aerated balloon
you absorb
adsorbed are you

Now, you are consumed
impregnant with baffling energy
the Silence hearkens
responses from you
your stimuli
your impulses.....

Comments about When You Start Listening To Silence...

True! When your mind is still all these wonders happen-vividly expressed with richness of words and style. The poem is really wonderful. I rate 10+
Senses to be more in sense, something to absorb... nice work

5,0 out of 5
2 total ratings

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